Mint Master

Mint Master takes you through the process of minting coins for the King, Queen, or whomever has beheaded the last guardian of the tower. You’ll be hiring and firing, melting and smelting. Can you reach the top over 9 episodes to eventually oversee the entire operation?

This addictive strategy management game spans 3 historical eras and is based on real historic people, places and events. Interact with colourful characters from history, survive terrible events from the past, catch crooks and counterfeiters and grow the Mint from a couple of sheds to a full-blown factory!

Project Notes

Historic Royal Palaces and Royal Mint Museum wanted a game to educate users about the history of the Mint in a playful way, and Mint Master was the delightful result. Historical accuracy was paramount – each episode tells the story of real life events, and every single character’s name is generated from historical records!

Exclusive on-site content at the Tower of London was a great way to encourage people to visit the attraction.